The Best Trade Show Giveaways

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The Best Trade Show Giveaways

Benefits of using Chocolate Coins as a Trade Show Giveaway 

At Baxter Murray we appreciate your preference to have your company name and branding front & centre on all the promotional gifts you distribute. We produce unique promotional gifts which fulfil your needs. One of our best sellers is a Bespoke Coin Card. This is made up of a bespoke logo luxury chocolate coin and a full colour branded card.
These work exceptionally well as trade show giveaways. Not only because our chocolate will reflect the quality of your business & service, but  because the actual coin and card are very proficient carriers of your  branding, contact information & QR code. 
As we all know, at trade shows everyone is competing for visitors attention & aim to make a memorable impression. This is were coins on cards again can help, as a quality & memorable gift these will stand out from other promotional items, i.e. pens and wristbands, picked up over the day. And will keep you and your business in the front of your visitors minds.
Back at their desk they'll enjoy the luxury chocolate coin while digesting your marketing information. Coins on cards are a promotional gift which will definitely pay you dividends on your investment ! 

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Below you can see images of carded chocolate coins in use at a trade event.