Branded Chocolate Bars

Small Branded Chocolate Bar

Personalised for Your Business, 90 x 50mms Bar.

Medium Branded Chocolate Bar

Handmade personalised bar, 155 x 75mm.

Large Branded Chocolate Bar

Branded Exclusively For You,195 x 150mms.

Giant Branded Chocolate Bar

Business Branded Chocolate Bar 200 x 335 mm

Personalised Bar Wrappers

Personal touch, add their name to the wrapper.

Business Message Bars

Six different messages to choose from.

Branded Chocolate Bars by Baxter Murray: The Marketer's Choice

Indulge your clients, reward your team, and celebrate your business milestones with our exquisite range of Branded Chocolate Bars, exclusively crafted for you by Baxter Murray.

Picture this: a limited edition chocolate bar, meticulously designed to reflect your brand identity. It's more than just a treat; it's a statement of appreciation and value for those who matter most to your business.

Handcrafted with care and presented in stunning, high-quality packaging adorned with your logo, our chocolate bars make the perfect corporate gift. Whether you're hosting an event, building brand recognition, or simply delighting customers, our bars are sure to leave a lasting impression.

Who could resist the allure of freshly made, premium Belgian chocolate? It's a temptation no one can resist.

And there's more! With our complimentary artwork service and free delivery across the UK and Ireland, the process couldn't be simpler. Need your order in a hurry? No problem! We offer quick turnaround times, as well as flexible lead times to suit your schedule.

Plus, our commitment to sustainability shines through with 100% recyclable foil and wrappers, ensuring that every indulgence is guilt-free. What's more, our chocolates are crafted from ethically sourced cocoa beans, certified by Cocoa Horizons, and are gluten and palm oil-free.

Ready to treat your clients and colleagues to something truly special? Call us today on 02890471310 to place your order or explore your options with our dedicated team.


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