St Patrick's Day Chocolates

Happy St Patricks Day Lollipop

The perfect little promotional gift for St. Patrick's Day! Click for more details.

Happy St Patricks Day Shamrock Lollipop

The perfect marketing gift for St. Patrick's Day, click here to order.

Irish Hat Lollipop

Delight your audience with a Belgian chocolate Irish Hat this St. Patrick's Day!

Leprechaun Lollipop

A delicious and endearing chocolate character, the perfect marketing tool for St, Patrick's Day!

Shamrock Lollipop

Click to order branded Shamrock lollipops for your St. Patrick's Day celebrations!

St. Patrick's Day Promotional Chocolate

Promotional St. Patrick's Day themed chocolate branded with your logo, is perfect to celebrate St. Patrick's Day with your clients and staff.

Choose from our range of luxury Belgian chocolate Shamrocks, Leprechauns, Irish Hats and Happy St. Patrick's Day greeting lollipops. All our handmade chocolate lollipops are branded with your logo and greeting on your choice of packaging and delivered where and when you want them.

Ordering is easy, just get in touch with us, we'll be delighted to help!

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