Custom Chocolate Bars

Customised Chocolate Bar - Line Art of Your Product in Chocolate

Customized chocolate bars are perfect to celebrate all your business successes!

Coffee Cup Shaped Chocolate Bar

Customised coffee cup shaped bar in a luxury sliding box finished with a gold hot foil print.

White Chocolate Detail on a Customised Chocolate Bar

Customised chocolate bars are perfect to promote or launch any product !

Business Development Tool Custom Chocolate Bar

Developing new markets can be challenging, break the ice with a custom chocolate gift.

Range of Tailored Wrappers with One Custom Bar Design

One custom bar design, countless promotional opportunities.

12 Chocolate Bar Calendar - Custom Chocolate Christmas Gift

Minimum order 250 packs.

Create A Chocolate Product Replica

Include chocolate in your press pack, it's perfect to get the attention of the media.

A Branded Card Backing a Customised Chocolate Bar

Promote the opening of your newly refurbished premises with customized chocolate.

Chocolate Replica of your Product

A delicious and memorable promotional gift perfect for all your audience.

Sliding Two Part Box Containing a Replica Chocolate

Link fantastic taste and memory to your product with a replica made of chocolate

Add a Flavour or Texture to your Customised Chocolate Bar

Custom shaped chocolate with an added element of surprise!

Adding Colour & Flavour to Customised Chocolates

Enhance your customised chocolates with a sprinkle of colour!

Cellophane Packaged Custom Chocolate Bar

Custom chocolate bars in cellophane only, allowing you to produce your own packaging.

Clear Box holding a Customised Chocolate Bar

An eye-catching and welcome corporate chocolate gift, perfect for any occasion.

Any Size Customised Chocolate Bar

Promote your business or event with a fully customised chocolate bar, 105 x 105mms.

Custom Giant Chocolate Bar

A giant promotional chocolate bar, a perfect prize or gift for the office to share.

Chocolate Invitation or Chocolate Place Setting Customised for You

An edible dinner menu card or invitation a quirky alternative to a traditional printed card.

Mini Custom Made Chocolate Bars

Perfect to craft with your mark as a sweet giveaway from your car showroom.

Custom Chocolate Bars

Custom chocolate bars are the perfect marketing tool for your business. Our skilled team can produce a custom chocolate personalised for your business in the size, shape and quantity you require. Take a look through this section its full of custom chocolate projects which have produced excellent  feedback and results for our clients.

Whatever the occasion, be it celebrating a milestone in your business, launching a new product, developing & advertising, seasonal gifting, press or conference packs, invitations and thank yous, a luxury handmade custom chocolate in full colour premium packaging will fit the brief .. .. no matter the size of your business or industry you are in .

To discuss your custom chocolate options with our chocolate experts give us a call today on +442890 471310, we're ready to help!

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