Wonka Golden Ticket Chocolate Bars

Golden Ticket Bar - Small

Luxury Belgian chocolate, 90 x 50mms bars with your unique Golden Tickets. Any qty.

Golden Ticket Bar - Medium

High quality Golden Tickets are available in the design & quantity you need : 155 x 75mm.

Golden Ticket Bar - Large

Wrapper and Golden Ticket Branded Exclusively For You,195 x 150mms.

Wonka Golden Ticket Chocolate Bars .... perfect promotional gift!

We all remember watching 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' as a child and wishing that it was us who found one of the golden tickets. Even as adults we are thrilled by the prospect of finding a 'WINNER'. At Baxter Murray we have embraced that nostalgia and re-invented the Golden Ticket Chocolate Bar as a business gift which can be branded to suit any marketing activity or business event. 

Just consider how useful these bars could be as part of your marketing plan. They are useful for reviving past clients, prospecting for new customer leads, thanking existing customers and are great at creating a buzz around your stand at a trade event,conference or product launch.

To get a quotation or to order your golden ticket chocolate bars, call us on +44 2890 471310, we can't wait to hear from you.

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