The History of Chocolate Easter Eggs

The History of Chocolate Easter Eggs

Chomping down on chocolate Easter eggs is an annual tradition. But have you ever wondered why? At the risk of upending another perfectly good excuse to eat chocolate, Baxter Murray are going to take a look at the origins of Easter eggs, providing an explanation to their symbolism and delving into their chocolatey beginnings. After reading this post and gorging yourself with some post-Lent luxury, you will at least have a better understanding of the Easter tradition itself.

Easter egg symbolism

Did you know that Easter egg traditions are adapted from ancient pagan practices?

These customs hold the egg as a symbol for ‘rebirth’ and ‘the beginning’. With an obvious connection to the story of the Ressurection, the Christian Church in Western Europe adapted the custom of the egg as a symbol of the beginning of new life, and so the tradition of Easter Eggs began.

Chocolate Easter eggs

Due to its newfound symbolism, ancient churchgoers began to gift eggs to family and friends during the ‘Holy Week’ of Good Friday and Easter Sunday. Orthodox Christians would decorate hen or duck eggs with bright colours, charcoal and flowers. Victorians then updated the tradition with satin-covered cardboard eggs filled with small Easter gifts.

In the early 19th Century, France and Germany initiated the trend of producing chocolate Easter eggs. Due to the lack of technology at the time, each Easter egg was made of solid chocolate, as the required moulds for hollow chocolate had not yet been invented.

As time has passed, chocolate Easter egg production has become one of the most exciting confectionery markets. Every year, customers young and old flock to the shops to select their favourite hollow chocolate eggs, many of which contain traditional Easter gifts such as those of the early Victorians.

How to use promotional chocolate at Easter

There are a variety of ways to use chocolate to promote your business, product or event at Easter. See some examples below:

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  • Gift your employees a Belgian chocolate treat to build morale 
  • Offer Easter chocolates at corporate meetings or events to spread brand awareness

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