How Custom Chocolate Bars can enhance your marketing campaign.

How Custom Chocolate Bars can enhance your marketing campaign.

In our ever-changing world it can be tricky to keep your customers engaged and receptive to your marketing messages. In addition to this it’s not always easy to know which promotional gifts will resonate with them. Bearing in mind consumer trends in the UK (we buy more chocolate than any other country in Europe) it’s safe to say that chocolate gifts will be appreciated.

Just consider what response you’d receive from an enhanced chocolate gift, one that was freshly handmade from top quality Belgian chocolate and customised for your business. You’ll find that your clients will not only love the gift, but they’ll be also taking photos of it & uploading these onto their social media platforms hence showing off their eye-catching, unique chocolate gift and your business details with their followers. It's a win, win!

How far can a chocolate bar be customised?

At Baxter Murray our experienced team of chocolatiers & designers can offer you a vast selection of custom options. You can choose the size and shape of your custom chocolate bar; we’ll add your logo or outline of your product to the design or produce a replica of one of your products. We can add a flavour, a colour or a texture to milk, white or dark chocolate, really the choice is yours!

And the packaging is also customised and professionally printed full colour to complete your customised gift.

Delivery is also customised to your needs. Choose from a free, bulk, single drop UK/Ireland delivery, batch deliveries across all your sites or individual postage to clients and home working colleagues.

Whatever your marketing plans we can provide customised chocolate and customise our service to suit you. Give us a call today on +442890 471310.

We can’t wait to hear from you! From all at Baxter Murray Creative Chocolate, artisan chocolatiers since 1995.