Easy to Order Personalised Chocolate Lollipops

Cost Effective Quality Branded Promotional Gifts!

Easy to Order Personalised Chocolate Lollipops

Lollipops have been a staple children's treat for many years, in fact from 1908! No matter how old you are enjoying a lollipop will always bring back happy childhood memories.

To tap into that nostalgia we all fondly reflect on, we can help your business connect with your target market using our branded chocolate lollipops. At Baxter Murray Creative Chocolate, we have over 1000 lollipop designs on offer, many more than we have on display on our website. So if you don't see what you are looking for, get in touch and hopefully we'll have just the chocolate shape you need in our collection.

The Benefits of Custom Chocolate for your Business

Customised chocolate lollipops wheteher in a regular shape or quirky design, is a gift that's always well -recieved. It provided a personal experience, enabling you to introduce or reinforce your brand both on the chocolate itself as well as the packaging. It's a clever gift that resonates with your recipients memory and senses.

By offering custom chocolate, you increase the chances of making a lasting impression, it's not a run of the mill promotional gift, like a pen for example. With chocolate, there is always a positive and strong association with it, mening you are far more likely to instil brand recognition in your audience compared to any other promotional gift alternative.

Chocolate Lollipops By Baxter Murray

We produce a large range of seasonal and themed handmade chocolate lollipop designs. Each one is freshly handmade to order from quality Belgian milk, white or dark chocolate, which is certified gluten and palm oil free.Each lollipop is individually wrapped in clear cellophane branded with you choice of a black and white or ful colour label or you can opt to have the lollipop backed with a full colour branded double sided card. 

Order the exact quantity you need and choose the lead time and delivery service that suits you. 

Special Occasion Chocolate Lollipops

Chocolate can be gifted for countless occasions and reasons. To celebrate the birthday of a member of your team, support a charitable cause etc, we've got a lollipop that will help get your message across.

Say Thank you or celebrate the stars in your business, you're guaranteed to make a positive impression with one of our thank you or star shaped lollipops.

Seasonal Chocolate lollipops

What better way to mark the season than with chocolate, no matter the seaon, we have a lollipop to celebrate it! Easily branded and beautifully packaged,to maximise the opportunity to promote your business.

At Baxter Murray, we offer lollipops to suit the following seasonal holiday:

  • Valentine's Day
  • S. Patrick'sDay
  • Mother's Day
  • Easter
  • Father's Day
  • Halloween 
  • Christmas            

Sport Chocolate Lollipops

Whether it's to commemorate evets or to raise funds, everyone's a winner with ur sports chocolate lollipops. We have a selection of sports lollipops to choose from, including :

  • Chocolate Golf Balls
  • Chocolate Tennis racket
  • Chocolate Cricket Stumps
  • Chocolate Football
  • Chocolate Rugby Ball
  • Chocolate Boxing Glove

to mention a few!

Bespoke Chocolate Lollipops

For those a want something extra special, our skilled chocolatiers can create a bespoke chocolate lollipop design to your exact specification. Our team will produce the mould then create the chocolate lollipop and packaging in the quantity you want and delivered on the schedule you choose.

We guarantee that your recipients will love our custom chocolate lollipops. For more information or place an order, get in touch with us today, call +44 2890 471310.