Christmas Chocolates

About our Christmas Chocolates

When you're looking for the perfect Corporate Christmas gift, don't forget, that

'9 out of 10 people say they like chocolate  ... ... ... ... the 10th person always lies.'   John G.Tullius  

At Baxter Murray we have the perfect receipe for your business Christmas gift. We combine your brand and seasonal marketing message, with our finest handcrafted Belgian chocolates to produce a luxury chocolate gift your clients will love and remember long into the New Year!

Why not delight them with one of our delicious truffle boxes, branded with your details. We offer a wide range of box sizes, from two to 48 of our multi award winning truffles, which will be loved by all.They are perfect for dinner events, desk drops, party favours or Christmas Corporate gifts, you can be assured that we have just the right box to suit your business.

Or as a delicious alternative to a traditional Christmas card, why not treat your clients to one of our much sought after bespoke or Merry Christmas chocolate bars. For the personal touch, add your details and festive message to the wrapper.

And for promotional giveaways and Santa Grotto's our range of Christmas lollipops are ideal, individually wrapped, branded with your details and available in any quantity.

Our Corporate Christmas chocolates are great marketing tools which reinforce your brand and deliver your marketing message in the sweetest way possible, each one designed to get your brand noticed!

And don't forget that we manufacture to order, so its guaranteed that your clients gifts will ship on time, and arrive deliciously fresh and in tip top condition.

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We can create almost anything, from custom molds to replica shapes and objects.
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